The Finals: Your Guide to Awesome Controller Settings

Ready to rock The Finals on your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC? Well, buckle up because we’ve got the lowdown on how to become a gaming superstar with the best controller settings. Let’s jump into this ultimate guide!

The Finals: Fun for Everyone

So, The Finals is this cool first-person shooter game, and guess what? You can play it on your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC. That means everyone can join the party! Whether you’re using a mouse and keyboard or a trusty controller, it’s time to level up and show off your gaming skills.

The Finals Settings Playground Adventure

Getting your controller settings just right is like preparing for a super important mission. Don’t worry; it’s easy-peasy. Fire up the game, look for that Settings button in the bottom right corner of your screen, hit it, then choose the Settings option. Now, head over to the Controller menu, and let’s get tweaking!

Precision Magic: Tuning Sensitivity

Now, let’s talk about getting your aim just perfect. Here are some magic numbers to try out:

  • Look Sensitivity Horizontal: Whatever feels right for you!
  • Look Sensitivity Vertical: Your personal preference.
  • Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: Set it to 60% for that sweet spot.
  • Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling: Keep this one on!
  • Horizontal Look Boost: Pump it up to 220.
  • Vertical Look Boost: Stick with 0.
  • Look Boost Ramp-Up Time: Set it to 0.5.
  • Zoom Horizontal Look Boost: 40 is the magic number.
  • Zoom Vertical Look Boost: Also, set it to 40.
  • Zoom Look Boost Ramp-Up Time: 1.2 is the way to go.

Deadzones and Boosts Fun in The Finals

These are like secret moves for your controller:

  • Aiming Inner Deadzone: Slide it to 10.
  • Movement Inner Deadzone: Bump it up to 15.

Style Points: Your Personal Touch

Time to make your controller dance to your tune:

  • Invert Vertical Look Input: Keep it off.
  • Look Response Curve: Choose Exponential for that cool SLOTBANGJAGO vibe.
  • Look Acceleration: Keep it at 0%.
  • Sprint Behind: Toggle it, don’t hold.
  • Crouch Behavior: Toggle for that comfy crouch.
  • Zoom Behavior: Hold it down like a boss.

Aim Like a Pro: Special Aids

Turn on these cool features to make your aim legendary:

  • Aim Assist: Yep, you want it on.
  • Sensitivity Reduction: Keep it on for that extra boost.
  • Target Tracking: On for tracking pros.
  • Zoom Snapping: Turn it on for quick moves.

Your Vibe, Your Choice: Personal Touch

Now, a couple of things are all about your vibe:

  • Controller Vibration: Love the vibes? Turn it on. Not feeling it? Switch it off.

Your Gaming Journey: Embrace Defaults

While we’ve explored some cool tweaks, stick to the default button setup. Master those buttons like a gaming wizard. The best controller settings in The Finals are all about finding that sweet spot in the numbers and toggles.

Gaming Superstar Mode: Your Secret Weapon

As you step into The Finals battleground, remember – your controller settings are like your secret weapon. So, go on, fine-tune those controls, stick to the defaults, and get ready to crush it in The Finals like the gaming superstar you are!