Biography of Francisco Pizarro: Pacific Ocean Quest

One of the most well-known adventurers of all time was Francisco Pizarro. It was an amazing trip. He reached the Pacific Ocean and took over Peru. We look at the sad beginnings, brave actions, and terrible ends of this brave explorer here.

Francisco Pizarro starting early and not doing well

He was born in 1476 in the Spanish town of Trujillo. His household did not have a lot of resources. Francisca Gonzales, his mother, came from a poor family, and Captain Gonzalo Pizarro, his father, was a farmer who was having a hard time. At the start of his trip, Pizarro was poor.

Pizarro helped support his family as a pig herder despite the fact that he had never attended to school and could not read or write. Even though he came from a poor family, he really wanted excitement that would shape his whole life.

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For young Pizarro, going to the New World meant making money and having fun. He first visited Uraba, Colombia, in 1510, when he went with the Spanish traveler Alonzo de Ojeda. Even though this trip didn’t lead to anything, Pizarro was determined and reliable.

How to Get to the Pacific Ocean and Get Around at Sea

The trip that Pizarro and Vasco Núñez de Balboa took to the South Sea in 1513 was very important and changed the course of history. There is an isthmus of Panama that Balboa and Pizarro went through and found the Pacific Ocean. He sneaked a look at the Pacific Ocean and was the first person from Europe to do so. The strange thing is that Pizarro helped arrest Balboa because a rival and tyrant named Pedro Arias de Ávila told him to.

After these things happened, Pizarro went to Panama. He was given land and made mayor, which paid him some money.

Francisco Pizarro Working Together and Being a Scout

Diego de Almagro was a good sailor, and Fernando de Luque was a priest. In 1524, Francisco Pizarro joined them. When they first went out to look around, they went near the San Juan River. Later, Pizarro went further south along the shore and looked around there. Bartolome Ruiz, Pizarro’s best pilot, crossed the equator and came back knowing everything he needed to know about the south.

The take over of Lima and Peru

Francisco Pizarro went back to Spain in 1528 because Emperor Charles V told him to. Now was the most important time in his life. Pizarro helped Spain take over the south by making a new county. It was him and his brothers who beat Atahualpa and took over Peru in 1532. After three years, Pizarro built Lima. The city was run by the Spanish.

Anger, fights, and death

The first Peruvian conquistadors and the foreigners who came after the rich made things more tense. Pizarro and Almagro, who used to work with him, had different groups of conquistadors.

When he was a senior, Pizarro worked to make Spain the most powerful country in Peru and to protect his family’s rights against other claims. There were more fights and rivals because Pizarro was doing well and the Spanish crown was behind him. On the other hand, the three original partners had agreed to equally share the funds from the trip.

He was caught by Hernando Pizarro during the Battle of Las Salinas in 1538 and killed. The people who lost killed Francisco Pizarro in Lima on June 26, 1541.

Francisco Pizarro showed the excitement of finding as well as the troubled and sometimes rough process of taking over the New World. People will always remember how brave he was to find the Pacific Ocean and take over Peru.